Our Vision

With Bacco, we intend to intensify and promote active music-making in all its facets.
Through innovative ideas and methods we want to encourage musicians to play an instrument and promote the joy of playing.
With the help of our guiding principles, we aim to encourage more and more people to play an instrument, because we are convinced: active music-making makes people happier!

Our Mission

The goal of Bacco is to develop the Accento educational software, which will significantly improve the world of sound artists.
Musicians spend predominantly most of their time practising, not performing, so we want to revolutionize the quality of that practice time.
Accento will transform the value of personal practice time and teacher lessons: Music students will finally have fun practising and develop tremendous learning speed with Accento.

Our Name

Bacchus is the Roman name of Dionysus, god of wine, intoxication, madness and ecstasy in Greek mythology.

Bacchus represents the intensity and passion in art and culture.

His external attributes are the thyrsos staff wreathed with ivy and vines (fertility symbol) and the kantharos (drinking vessel for wine). He travels through the lands accompanied by the satyrs (mixed creatures of man and goat representing revelry and fertility demons devoted to dance and wine) and nymphs, led by the god Pan.