Learn to play an instrument with ease with Accento. Regardless of whether it’s an electric guitar, bagpipe or flute, you can learn every instrument can be learned.

Violin, guitar, piano or flute courses from the best educators for beginners to masters.

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Features Features Klavier spielen different courses

freely configurable

use your own music sheets

more fun

faster success

and much more
lerne eine Flöte zu spielen lerne eine Geige zu spielen lerne eine Gitarre zu spielen lerne ein Klavier zu spielen initially supported instruments
The music expresses what cannot be said and what is impossible to remain silent about.

Victor Hugo

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The existing, well-known methods of learning instruments are obviously not for everyone. Way too often, talented musicians lose sight of their purpose in being a musician …

But why?

Neither the usual scapegoats are to blame, nor laziness, lack of talent or time. Also, it is not  the practitioner or what is practised, the way in which it is practised is the problem!

And that’s exactly what we have the solution to … Accento!

Accento intends to intensify and promote the practice process that takes place when playing, learning & practising different instruments. Moreover, the advancing feedback system in combination with the revolutionary frequency detection algorithm ensure the perfectly adapted input for the students. This analyses and compares the mistakes of the played piece with the sheet of the same piece, after which it creates perfectly coordinated, supportive exercises created by educators.

Music sheets are developed by top musicians. Which consists of own works but also well-known songs. Those pieces of music are integrated into a didactic learning concept and coordinated. There are different levels of difficulty, combined with different styles of music, so that different levels of sound poetry can be selected at each level. The learning path is thus individually adapted to the needs of the student.

So who is Accento useful for?

This question is easy to answer! For…

  • … children, teenagers and adults,
  • … amateur musicians who only play for fun,
  • … artists who perform on stage for others,
  • … the timid who only play for themselves,
  • … beginners who hear the tones of their instrument for the first time,
  • … masters who cannot keep their hands off their instruments,
  • … people who just want to learn an instrument but have no resources for teachers …
In a nutshell: Accento is for everyone!

So all in one, Accento is the best solution for learning to play an instrument at home. More about the benefits: Features


How it works

Firstly, you can use Accento on mobile phone, tablet or PC – on Android, iOS, Apple Mac OSX, Windows or Linux. Secondly Accento is an exercise system: You play the notes displayed and marked by the cursor. Also Accento listens to you playing the instrument and saves not only the correct even the wrong played notes. In the second step, based on your level, Accento proposes you the exercises to correct your mistakes – all in the right tempo and in the correct repetition sequences. As a result, your music piece mastering success is guaranteed!

but Accento is even more

Additionally Accento is even more than an exercise system! As you can see, in the first version you will find a complete learning system consisting of different degrees of difficulty and many music styles. In this version you can choose among any difficulty level (from the beginner to the professional), among Pop, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Folk etc. By the way the first full version of Accento will be released at the end of September 2020.

String Instruments

String Instruments

play the guitar
play the harp
play the Violin
play the cello
lpay the banjo
play the balalaika

Keyboard Instruments

Keyboard Instruments

play the piano
play the organ
play thge accordion

Wind instruments

Wind instruments

learn flute
learn trumpet
learn tuba
learn bassoon
learn horn
learn trombone
learn oboe
learn pan flute
learn saxophone
learn french horn
learn clarinet
learn bagpipe

Percussion Instruments

Percussion Instruments

play the congo
play the tomtoms
play the bongo
play the drums
play the tambourine
play the drums


Giving exact feedback about your pitch, rhythm, vibrato (velocity, timbre, breath). However, the feedback is cents-dependent on the player level.


Own sheets

Music XML and GMN supported and more to come.



You can record your own sounds via microphone or MIDI connection.


Learning method

Take courses and learn from the best musicians.

Version 1: guitar, piano, flute and violin
Version 2: clarinet, cello, trumpet, recorder, saxophone, solo singing


Practise how it suits you best

Choose how to learn the easiest and fastest. So you can add metronome changes, repetitions, practice selection, configure concert pitch, scale, pitch, player level.


Different exercise modes

Step by step, left hand, right hand, …

Get exercises
to your mistakes!
Zeitstopper Increased learning
Fingering Charts mnetronome Metronome & Tuner Statistics Hand showing success Lasting learning success
and more fun at playing
Posture Detection
Features for teachers
Artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence