Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.

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How it works

You can use ACCENTO on mobile phone, tablet or PC - on Android, iOS, Apple Mac OSX, Windows or Linux. ACCENTO is an exercise system: You play the notes displayed and marked by the cursor. ACCENTO listens to your playing the instrument and saves not only the correct but also the wrong played notes. In the second step, based on your play, ACCENTO proposes you the exercises to correct your mistakes - all in the right tempo and in the correct repetition sequences. Your music piece mastering success is guaranteed!

But ACCENTO is even more ...

But ACCENTO is even more than an exercise system! Even in the first version you will find a complete learning system consisting of different degrees of difficulty and many music styles. In this version you can choose among any difficulty level (from the beginner to the professional), among Pop, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Folk etc. The first full version of ACCENTO will be released at the end of January 2020.